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Home and business owners should know when a roof needs attention but there is only one piece of advice needed when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs: HIRE A PROFESSIONAL !!!!

Professional roofing contractors like Wimbledon Roofers bring you the expertise required for making decisions like whether to replace a roof or repair it. They will also give you proper advice about roof maintenance to avoid costly future repairs or replacements. So whether you aim to save money now or in the future, get in touch with Wimbledon Roofers NOW!

Roof repairs can be necessary after a harsh winter or period of severe weather. Indicates that the roof has been damaged can be dark spots appearing on celings, blistering interior walls, curling shingles or even unusually high energy bills. Damage not only looks unappealing, but can be unsafe over time. If the roof is still under warranty, it is a good choice to make even the most costly repairs. Replacing the roof is never a job for keen amateurs or DIY-ers, so for total peace of mind, call in the professionals - Wimbledon Roofers.

The costs of roofing services can be reduced by inspecting the roof for signs of damage and vulnerability each spring. Your own inspection should include checking for mould and algae growth, evident by discoloured streaking on the exterior. If trees and foliage are too close to the roof they can cause gutter clogs and wind damage. To avoid unnecessarily compromising your roof, make sure it is properly maintained.


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